Need a day trip outside Dublin? Give these other Irish cities a visit!

12 October 2018

Dublin has a lot to offer Erasmus students, so it would be easy to get to the end of the semester and realise you have yet to venture outside the "Big Smoke". However, it would be a shame to come to Ireland and miss out on the other great cities Ireland has to offer outside the capital. Here are three great spots in Ireland you should start planning your day trips to, just to get you started.

1. Galway

 With a train going directly from Heuston Station to Ceannt Station, located in the heart of Galway, this is an easy day out to the west of Ireland. In Galway you will find shopping, buskers and great food and pubs! Why not venture out of the city centre to the Salthill Promenade for a stroll along the beach or a visit to the Aquarium? Finish off the day by warming up with a plate of McDonagh's famous fish and chips or a pint of Guinness in the iconic Róisín Dubh. If you are feeling festive, the Galway Continental Christmas Market starts from 6pm on Friday 16th November and runs until Saturday 22nd December this year. The Christmas Market is a great day out so make sure to mark down the dates in your diary!

2. Cork

If you are a foodie, Cork city is perfect for you, with West Cork recently being named the top foodie destination in Ireland. While you are in Cork you can visit the famous English Market for a quaint lunch time break. For the more science minded of you, a visit to the Blackrock Castle Observatory is sure to be an enjoyable experience. The gorgeous castle grounds and the amazing scientific exhibitions it houses will give your hours of entertainment. There is also a direct train from Dublin to Cork so just hop on board and relax while you travel down to the scenic south of Ireland (don't forget your DCU student card if you plan on getting cheaper student train tickets!).

3. Belfast

If you are a movie, television or history buff, a trip to Belfast has to be top of your list! Yet again, a direct train from Dublin and your student discount on tickets will get you there cheaply and easily.  The Titanic Belfast Experience will teach you all about the RMS Titanic, and the many myths and legends surrounding her story, right in the city where she was built. Game of Thrones fans will be able to take a tour of The Dark Hedges whilst in Belfast too! Or why not find out more about Ireland's fascinating past in a Black Cab Tour? These tours are extremely popular so make sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment! 

Kick-starting your Erasmus

6 September 2018

People always talk about how amazing Erasmus is but no one ever tells you how to get organised for it. How to pack and more importantly what to pack? There are so many questions that go unanswered and so many people left guessing which is why I decided to write this list of tips and tricks for setting off on Erasmus.
  1. The Suitcase - The most important part when it comes to packing for going away. You need a suitcase (or two... or three) big enough to fit everything you need in it but there also needs to be storage space for the suitcase when you arrive at your new room. Whether it's under the bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe, make sure there is space before you start packing.
  2. The List - Start by making a list of everything you need. Once you're finished, start dividing the list into things you must bring from home and the things you can buy when you get there (a microwave can weigh down your suitcase which Ryanair don't tend to like).
  3. The Gathering Stage - Using your list, start ticking off the things you already have and then from there you can start buying the things you need (always thinking about the size of your suitcase).
  4. The Travel Plan - As the time gets closer, you need to start planning your travel (plane, train or car). Whichever mode of transport you are taking always take your luggage into consideration. Whether it means paying extra to check in your bags for a flight and watching the weight of each bag, or dragging all your suitcases from the train station to your accommodation.
  5. The Folder - Gather all important documents and put them together in a folder. This includes your passport, E111 card, birth cert and any other documents needed for accommodation/university. I would also recommend making a number of copies of each document for your convenience. It is also a good idea to bring a few passport photos because you will be asked for them at some point.
  6. The Packing - About a week before you are due to head off, grab your list and start packing. Tick everything off as you put it in the case, just to be sure you don't forget anything. (Always be mindful of the weight of your cases if traveling by plane)
***What to pack? Before starting to pack, there is a number of things you must consider:
  • What is the washing situation? Is there communal washing machines and tumble dryers?
  • Is there a dress code in your new university?
  • What is the weather like in your new town?
  • Will you be working over there?
  • What is your wardrobe space like?
7. The Double-Check - Go through your list to pack sure you have everything packed that needs to be packed. Now put the list of things you need to buy when you get there in the folder with all your important documents.
8. The Arrival - If possible, it's best to arrive a few days before the start of college, to give yourself a chance to get settled, make your place feel like home and explore the town. And of course, buy everything on your list of things you still need.

And with that, I would like to wish anyone going on Erasmus the best of luck. I hope these little tips helped.
- Olivia Healy,                                                                                                     I*ESN DCU, Trips Officer 2018/2019

AGM and Committee Election 2017/2018

2 March 2018

Welcome to our first ever blog post!

We're going to give you a look into our societies first ever AGM which happened on Tuesday the 13th of February. The AGM took place at 6pm in C124 which is in the Henry Grattan building on DCUs Glasnevin campus. 

The AGM was for any student who was interested in joining, the room quickly filled up as students came along to hear what our society was all about. 

Our Founder and Chairperson Mark lead the presentation welcoming everyone to the AGM and went on to give an insight into the society. The events and trips that we have planned for the semester were then covered by Lauren our Vice-Chair.

There were more serious things like elections for new positions in the committee happening too.

Overall the AGM was a massive success. It gave students a place to meet new people and get to know each other and our committee. 

Members enjoying the chats and Pizza which was kindly sponsored by Dominos DCU.

 You can check out the Facebook event page here.

 Our Vice-Chair Lauren Tyrrell and Treasurer Brad Whelan holding member sign-ups.

Our new Committee 2017/2018.

L to R (Ben Coode, Lauren Tyrrell, Seán Barrett, Laoise Muldowney, Mark Mc Gee, Caoimhe Rainey, Daniel Casey, Suzanne Smith, Elena Lopez Antelo, Louise-Anne Baudrier, Sarah O'Connell and Mariko Kosugi)

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